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Fermented foods and beverages are older than recorded history and integral to culinary traditions in almost every part of the world.  Fermentation preserves food effectively and safely, and also makes food more digestible and nutrients more bioavailable, removes many toxins from foods, and contributes nutrients, some of which have been found to have powerful therapeutic benefits…..


What Others Are Saying!

Finest Quality Ingredients, and incredible taste, flavor, and presentation.

THIS is what you are looking for.
Owner is beyond knowledgeable and extremely genuine and friendly!

Derek Chapman

Hello, I sampled pear jar at Sunny side co-op and when I got home and tried the juice I made myself vodka martini wit slice of pear and juice. Absolutely fantastic!! 


JT Kwiatek

Chef continues to create flavors that many would not think of. His flavors are out of this world. Many possibilities to infuse his flavors with.


Jeremiah Castillo

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